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We know that you have a choice when It comes to purchasing a world-class grill.

That's why we make it an easy one...

We Sell More Grills Than Anyone
We sell more Fire Magic products than anyone else in America.
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The President of Fire Magic,
(R.H. Peterson) endorses us.
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The manufacturer looks to us to help improve their products.

World-class products deserve world-class customer service!

At Grill and Patio we know how important it is to be confident when you are making a big purchase for your family. You need a trusted guide who has your best interests at heart to help you choose the grill or outdoor kitchen that is right for you, and to service it for a lifetime.

The problem is that most stores don't give you the guidance you need to make a wise decision when it comes to premium grills. They'll sell you something you don't need and then disappear when it comes to servicing. We believe in providing superior products with the superior customer service to match. That's the secret to why we sell more Fire Magic products than anyone in the business. Click to continue reading