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  1. Laura Smaglo

    I want to thank Sergio and everyone I spoke with there in helping me choose my RealFyre G52 vented log set. The plumbers were finally able to make it here today to get the line in and the burner set up. Being my usual borderline OCD self I wanted to put the lava rock, sand, etc in myself. The assisted by lifting the heaviest back log for me since I recently hurt my already bad back. I wanted to send photos so you could see how beautiful it is! I absolutely LOVE it! And just in time- it snowed here in the Pittsburgh area so I get to enjoy it today. I’m amazed at the heat it throws for a vented log set- it really takes the chill off the room and looks beautiful. It will look more amazing once I’m able to save up the money for new fireplace doors and get the outside brick cleaned. I opted to paint the inside of the firebox with high heat black paint and it makes the fire look even better. Thank you for all your patience with my many questions, for your great sale price, free shipping and no tax. That made it possible for me to enjoy something I’ve been waiting 10 years for!! If any of my jealous friends want a set I will be sure to recommend you to them.
    Again- thank you so very much for making my dream come true!!

    kindest regards, Laura Smaglo

  2. George

    Great service from your company on my gas log order. Very prompt delivery, and exactly what I wanted. Matt was very helpful, answered all our questions, etc. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Randy C.

    GrillandPatio Team,

    After you sent my pictures to the manufacturer, I got your email and then earlier this week an email from FedEx telling me something was being shipped to me. Sure enough Tuesday I received four replacement burners. I really did not think this was the problem but went ahead and installed them just like the original ones were installed and then..... Presto..... my problem was solved. The flames are mostly uniform and producing so much more heat!

    Honestly, whatever was wrong with the original burners has been that way since our grill was installed. I do not know if it was the burner itself or something from the installation but it has always had hot spots and generally allowed use of only the back half of the cook surface. This is absolutely great as I will now get to enjoy the grill as originally designed.

    You have a customer for life.



  4. Marilyn M.

    Thank you so much for the great service! I ordered two replacement ignitor buttons on Monday the 20 of October. I received them today, Friday the 24th. The parts were absolutely correct and came in perfect condition. These were difficult parts to find and they make a great difference in the appearance of my grill. Sincerely, Marilyn