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  1. Neil C.

    Without a doubt your company is the single best run and best organized internet company in existence. Thank you very much.

    Neil C.

  2. Pat

    I wanted to let you know that Michelle helped me yesterday and went way beyond what I ever would have expected or have ever experienced before. She took the time to explain things to me, offer suggestions and then to prepare an email that clearly set forth what I needed. As a result I ordered everything she recommended and you have a customer for the rest of my life.

    Thank you,

  3. Sandy Hummel

    My Fire Magic Grill, better than 10 years old had many issues - was actually looking at new grills when I realized that I could replace parts and keep on cookin.
    Lloyd was fantastic, went through a list of parts with me, got me going in the right direction. I am back up and gilling away like new... Thanks again to the Grill and Patio....

    Happy Griller - 6-7 days a week

    Sandy Hummel
    Pittsburgh, PA

  4. Jim Gronwall

    I have a Fire Magic Echelon Series grill. No doubt, it is 2nd to none. What a great choice, with no regrets. Although I didn’t purchase from Grill & Patio, I accidently contacted them recently with questions (I meant to contact Fire Magic direct). They responded promptly and treated me as if I’d been a long term client. I’ll now utilize their services for all purchases and replacement parts. I’ll recommend them to any of my fellow barbeque fanatics. They’re a great company, with good people. Lloyd is a “class act”.

    I was hesitant to purchase a gas grill, as I was hooked on charcoal grilling. My monthly usage was 40 – 70 lbs. I never dreamed I would convert to gas. Now I cook outdoors approximately 5 days per week with my Fire Magic. I do use charcoal when smoking large quantities of fish or ribs (in my charcoal smoker), however I finish ribs with a final “wet mop” on my Fire Magic. I do use the smoking tray on my Echelon frequently, for most meats and poultry, with great results.
    The rotisserie motor & heavy duty spit can hold a huge cut of meat – with no stress to the components. This is one of the more impressive features to me. The interior light inside the hood of the grill makes cooking in low light completely hassle free. My grill has a three zone digital thermometer, and an instant read meat thermometer. What a great tool, as well.

    Besides the grill – my outdoor bar has all Fire Magic accessories. I’ve got their refrigerator (which gets colder than most others I’ve rated), bar caddy (with wine chiller), single side burner, and multiple stainless steel drawers and cabinet doors. I would recommend this product line to anyone.