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  1. Dave


    I dropped Lloyd an e-mail, but wanted to do the same for you. You and the
    team have been great. Responsive, friendly, everything one could ask for.
    As I told Lloyd, I will surely be back when needs arise.

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Mrs. Cain

    We are very impressed with the service we received when we ordered our replacement gas logs! We couldn't believe that they showed up in two days! I also appreciate your calling back so quickly when I had a question about placement of the logs. We would definitely do business with you again many thanks M. Cains

  3. Arthur

    I recently purchased a Fire Magic Echelon grill for my indoor/outdoor patio. I usally don't write comments or feedback but I feel this company deserves one. You know the saying, "You get what you pay for". This couldn't be more true. Sure you can go to HomeDepot and pick yourself up a huge grill. But that is exactly what you going to get. A huge grill the doesn't heat equally. Looks cumbersome. And God forbid you live in an area where weather is an issue. Your huge grill will become a huge rust bucket. What really seperates those grills and Fire Magic grills is the quality, texture, heat, and style. It's the Ferrari of BBQs. The service is and was outstanding when going through the process of buying their products. If anyone is in the market for such a BBQ. This is it. Thank you.

  4. Brian T

    I bought my Firemagic Grill and side burner back in July. The team at Grill and Patio are hands down one of the best companies I have ever delt with. They had a wonderful sales staff that helped us choose our package and even better customer service when we had questions about our grill at delivery, to setup and install a month later. The entire experience with Grill and Patio is one of the best customer experiences I have ever had with any company for any product.